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Tambo corresponds to collective lodging with all the necessary to accommodate a lot of people that will sty for a short period of time, machay means place of rest. The name comes from the Inca times.

The tradition knows this place as the “Bath of the Ñusta” due to the special circumstance exist two aqueducts that have clean water all year, they come from wells that are well-known places single by the constructors, and it seems that they brought forth the bases of the construction Inka; the volume is uniform, the water comes together and it falls into which is well-known as a liturgical source like “Baño of the Inka”, in front of this building there is an immense tower of circular plant to watchtower.

The building has three floors that come from the ground up, it’s equivalent as three store house. The construction is made in an exceptional way; this rocks were very well adjusted, without mud mortar.