Puca Pucara

Pukapukara means red fortress, about this word is because the location of the group and the existence of some semi-circular environment, about the red is because the color of the land. This name was used in this century.

In Pucapucara there are places, interior squares, baths, aqueducts and a ancient trail that is very well know. The buildings are made of stones they have many sizes between medium and little ones, on the surface of the rocks is very rugged, comparing with other archeological rest. The urban disposition is appropriate and functional.

The traditional information said that when the Inka decided to visit the bath of Tambomachay, the huge retinue of soldiers, dancers, and others stay in Pukapukara that was a quarter and inn (place of lodging and were they deposit food)

The construction workers built three walls that has irregular floors, this establish three levels for the same place. The first wall has a winding layout that it carefully avoids to cut salient rocks. To the north side and behind the exterior wall, one can find six rooms of different sizes; they are built in an irregular shape in order to not touch the rocks that create the wall. The second wall surrounds the central elevation. Between this one and the first one there is platforms that are very wide that face the south and east.