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San Blas

Located about four blocks from the main square in Cusco, this quarter is considered one of the most colorful ones in Cusco. It’s characterized for its streets that zigzag between the huge colonial houses that were built in the Inca walls. This place is also known as the artist quarter, because it has many artists that reside there, some of them very well known and some that will.

This area of the city is really appreciated since colonial times, because of the beauty and the attractiveness it has, with the narrow streets and colonial houses that are decorated, this is why is consider the best tourist area of Cusco. This will leave the tourist with an unforgettable memory of this colorful quarter and also some great pictures.

Arriving to San Blas is like crossing to a magic world. The paved and steep streets, the whitish walls, the blue balconies which flowerpots are dangling and the gap roofs with tiles, offer to the tourist a different and a pleasant experience.