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Pisaq is a quechua word, this word has no translation to another language, because it doesn’t qualified as an object or specific place.

Pisaq is situated at the east of the Sacred Valley of the Inkas. To this village you come by guided tour by bus. (There are tours that pass all the Sacred Valley like Pisaq, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero. If you prefer, you can hire a taxi driver to take you to these locations).

Archeological Park of Pisaq

In top of a mountain, is were you can find the archaeological park of Pisaq, is composed by numerous squares in which the main one is know as the Intihuatana, admired because of the finest finished that all of the remains have. Also is of great importance the pre-Hispanic cemetery, the biggest one ever found in this part of the continent.

The Inca constructions of Pisaq are admired because of the huge platforms that surround the mountain were the remains are located, all of the structures are made in polish rock, perfectly align, all of them are surrounded by lookout points or atalayas.

Handmade Market of Pisaq

In the main square, underneath the huge trees that are there for ages, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays one can see the all of the pottery and art that bring for a diversity of bargains in the textiles and all of the craftsmanship the locals bring to sell.

On Sundays in the old temple there is a celebration in quechua and the attendance is by all of the locals and mayor of all the communities.

In Pisaq there is a great market place, where you can buy textiles and many other things. The market in Pisaq is bigger than that of Chinchero. Your problem probably will be that you pass Pisaq first. There are more things to choose between in Pisaq, but perhaps you can make better bargain at Chinchero.