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The well known Historian Dr. Luis Antonio Pardo, said that the actual name of Tipon can come from the word in quechua Timpuj, that means “boiling” because of the illusion that the water makes coming out of the fountains. This name was given in modern times, because the original name was another one.

City that has beautiful remains and amazing water fountains, this complex is another of the important complexes that is in the department of Cusco.

Tipon is one of the biggest and most beautiful complexes; here you can find the remains and the gardens that Wiracocha had made for his father Yahuar Dacha. The historian from cusco Victor Angeles said that Tipon could of been the Royal House of Yahuar Huaca, who retired in this place, after leaving Cusco during the attack of the Chancas. Wiracocha his son, he confronted the intruders and he defeated them, coming into Cusco as the hero, after this he took the place of his father.

In tipon they built a wall of great height and also longitude just to put and aqueduct in top, this huge wall has one part that is very flat for the water to flow in the rain season

It has very import hydroelectric art; here one can find beautiful Canals, which are part of the system of distribution to each of the platforms which were used as canals that even exist nowadays. The quality of the products is admirable.

The prescient even made of adobes and stones, shows solemnity and importance; it wasn’t a place where someone was able to live. For example, one prescient of Tipon has a rectangular form, tree giant doors in the façade, six cupboards inside of the wall, plus four cupboards located in each lateral wall and ten additional cupboards in the bottom of the wall.