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The Cathedral

Located at one side of the main square of Cusco, it was build over one of the most important temple in the Inca period dedicated to the God Wiracocha. The platform of the construction has the shape of a Latin cross, and it’s composed by five naves in roman style.

It was built in 1560. It was finish in 1668. The difference in the majority of the temples in Cusco, they didn’t suffer any damages in the earthquake of 1650. Like the one in Lima, the Cathedral of Cusco has gothic characteristic, Manieriste Renaissance and Baroque. It has two towers that are very solid, its lateral façades are maneriste and the central one is baroque.

It has amazing altars with a very renaissance style such as baroque and neoclassic. They are beautiful works of cusquenian art, its pulpit made out of wood and all carved by hand. It also has many paintings from the school of art of Cusco, paintings from the artist Diego Quispe Tito, Basilio Santa Cruz Pumacallo, Basilio Pacheco y Marco Zapata, artist that made a very peculiar painting of the last supper in with the main dish is the roasted Guinea Pig.