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CUSCO: Iniciaran sobrevuelo turístico en Helicópteros [Español]

Posted by admin julio 19th, 2012

La Empresa Servicios Aéreos de los Andes, iniciará desde agosto sobrevuelo, brindando así servicios turísticos en helicóptero por la ciudad de Cusco y el Valle Sagrado, con la finalidad de brindar una nueva opción para los miles de turistas que visitan la Capital Arqueológica de América. “Iniciamos este nuevo servicio en la ciudad de Cusco donde es el [...]

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Close 100 thousand people visited Machu Picchu’s exhibition in the first week. [English]

Posted by admin abril 14th, 2011

In one week, more than 95.000 people visited the exhibition, “Machu Picchu, 100 years later: The  Reencounter”, installed at the Government Palace, which reflects the great interest of the Lima’s people to learn more about the cultural heritage of Peru. The exhibition makes available to everyone the opportunity to look closely at some of the [...]

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Peruvian and foreign public amazed by exhibition of Machu Picchu’s pieces [English]

Posted by admin abril 6th, 2011

With awe and fascination, Peruvian and foreign public visiting the headquarters of the Government Palace the exhibition of over 360 pieces of Machu Picchu returned by Yale University, an organization that took them into custody for nearly a century. Visitors of all ages walk the Golden Hall and the Tupac Amaru Hall in the Government [...]

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Parts returned for Yale arrive at late april. [English]

Posted by admin abril 1st, 2011

Archaeological remains from the United States, will be shown for free at the Government Palace, with the aim of people in the capital can observe the archaeological ruins of Machu Picchu which have remained in possession of Yale University for nearly a century. Later, as planned, will be sent to Casa Concha in Cuzco, where [...]

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