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Andahuaylillas new tourist option in Cusco [English]

Posted by admin noviembre 21st, 2012

Andahuaylillas is a district located in Province of Quispicanchis north of Cusco city. Which it has the most attractive the San Pedro temple, calling the interest of foreign and local visitors is undoubtedly the flagship product of town and the main motivation why keep coming important flows of visitors of this town in the Cusco [...]

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Qeswachaka, the last traditional inca bridge[English]

Posted by admin septiembre 25th, 2012

This bridge is located in the province Canas, Cusco department for nearly five centuries was built of tradition for tradition by the natives of this part of city, based on ropes made of  ”qolla ichu” straw growth abundant in this area. This bridge is renewed each year on Sunday’s second in June, the in charge [...]

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Machu Picchu has 42 fauna species unique in world [English]

Posted by admin septiembre 19th, 2012

In Machupicchu’s Sanctuary, located in the province from Urubamba in Cusco, there are 42 fauna species unique in its kind in the world, according biologists to researchers. Among these varieties include, for example, among the birds types, the “Real Cucarachero” among rodents the “Lestoros Inca” and a  reptiles group, a kind of poisonous snake resembling [...]

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Cusco en el mes turístico [Español]

Posted by admin septiembre 14th, 2012

Actualmente Cusco es la ciudad que recibe la mayor cantidad de turistas extranjeros y celebra su mes turístico con un sin número de actividades culturales. Con un calendario de actividades artísticas, culturales, académicas y religiosas, el departamento de Cusco viene celebrando su mes turístico, el cual incluye el Día Mundial del Turismo, para el deleite [...]

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