Qeswachaka, the last traditional inca bridge[English]

By septiembre 25th, 2012

casa familiar cusco

This bridge is located in the province Canas, Cusco department for nearly five centuries was built of tradition for tradition by the natives of this part of city, based on ropes made of  ”qolla ichu” straw growth abundant in this area.

This bridge is renewed each year on Sunday’s second in June, the in charge of renovating the magnificent Inca shown are members of peasant communities Collana and Quehue from province Canas, which according to historical data was a loyal community, súbdita and ally of Incas. Construction of this bridge leads to a task that lasts three days where more than 1,000 local peasants and nearby places, connoisseurs techniques braided of ropes straw-based, this ancient tradition is passed from generation to generation which constitutes one of the few cultural expressions Incas that still exist.

After work, is takes a peasant festival with the participation of dozens dancers dances from this area, in addition to dozens of tourists who visit to see this amazing Inca engineering work.


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