“Aguas Calientes”, relax in Machu Picchu [English]

By septiembre 29th, 2012

alojamiento en cusco

Aguas Calientes is the old name which today receives the Machu Picchu village, these hot springs are generally an attractive previous to visit to Machu Picchu, is an irresistible place for visitors as it is located very close to the population and hence of their hotels or guesthouses.

The hot springs of Aguas Calientes are at distance approximately 900 meters away, heading east from Machu Picchu’s village. These thermal waters sprout from the rocks at different temperatures, which were designed for depending pecinas liked by visitors, warm and moderate. The specially built pools at this resort are given use as hot mineral water bath.

The hot springs provide natural resources for medical therapies, also serve as treatment for rheumatism, which helps release stress and toxins, improving your metabolism and preventing high blood pressure.

Fuente: www.mincetur.gob.pe

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