In The 2011 Machu Picchu Dazzled Hollywood Characters

By diciembre 29th, 2011

The historic center of Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world this year ratified the international drawing power, receiving tens of thousands of tourists, including Hollywood stars such as:
JimCarrey, the interpreter Start me up and Paint in black, the living legend of rock, MickJagger. the latter arrived  to sanctuary Inca on 14 October, in company with its partner,  the model L’Wren Scott, and his son Maurice Lucas , to whom he expressed his amazement at the majesty of the place.
The interpreter Start me up and Paint in black, among other memorable themes, visited sectors Las Canteras, three windows, El Torreon, Market Square and the Intihuatana. His visit was not lost on people or the authorities who declared Cusco illustrious visitor.

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