built the great museum of Tahuantinsuyo in Oropesa where you will store the Inca pieces of Yale

By diciembre 14th, 2011

great museum of Tahuantinsuyo in Oropesa

The Oropesa District Municipality and the Ministry of Culture signed an agreement to build the Great Museum Tahuantinsuyo, which would stockpiled the pieces archaeological recovered from Yale University and others of the Inca culture.
The great museum will be built in the district of Oropesa, in the province of Quispicanchi. The site has an area of 4.7 hectares.
The Director of Culture, David Ugarte Vega Centeno, said the museum will be at a mile from and a half the site of the colonial mansion of the Marquis de Valleumbroso and two kilometers from the archaeological park of Tipon. He said the goal is destugurizar the center of the city of Cusco and create a new tourist circuit.
The agreement was also signed by the regional directorates of Housing and Culture, the group of farmers Lady Star of Oropesa and high school Justo Alvarez Barrionuevo. The Minister of Culture, Susana Baca, signed the agreement.

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