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The celebration of Warachikuy is a military ceremony held annually to mark the passage from adolescence to maturity, in her youth sides were grouped in order to demonstrate its capabilities to defend the Tahuantinsuyo.

The staging of this event was held 1500 with actors between students and teachers of the school of ciencias and Educandas in the fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

This ritual the Tahuantinsuyo empire , received more than four thousand tourists who came to witness the skills of young actors vying fourth and fifth grade. The Regional Directorate of Culture of Cusco reported that the surveillance and control deployed in the Archaeological Park of Sacsayhuaman was successful because there was no damage to cultural heritage

As for the third consecutive year, the main attractions of the Sacred Valley in Cusco, are part of the course of the competition ” the challenge of the Inca” endurance test that meet 6 sports disciplines .

The organization confirmed that this event will take place on Saturday 24 and will begin in the town of Urubamba, where we will start the cycling test Calca, of this point for motorcycle competition in Lares,the Lares Wacahuasi will go on riding test.

The fourth stage will depart towards Mantanay Wacahuasi, where athletes must practice trekking. The penultimate stage of this point towards Yanahuara test Downhill and culminates ladies with marathon from Yanahuara to Urubamba.

Also note that these athletes will compete in scenarios ranging from 3 mil to 4 mil m.s.n.m.

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