Close 100 thousand people visited Machu Picchu’s exhibition in the first week. [English]

By abril 14th, 2011

Machu Picchu - El ReencuentroIn one week, more than 95.000 people visited the exhibition, “Machu Picchu, 100 years later: The  Reencounter”, installed at the Government Palace, which reflects the great interest of the Lima’s people to learn more about the cultural heritage of Peru.

The exhibition makes available to everyone the opportunity to look closely at some of the parts used in ancient times by the Incas in their daily life, their ceremonies and their productive activities, said Press Secretary to the Government Palace. In the future, parts will be on display in Cusco.

“Machu Picchu, 100 years later: The Reencounter” is a decision of the Republic’s President, Alan Garcia Perez, who has made the Government House a kind of museum with temporary exhibitions that give free access to the people to appreciate, part of our cultural heritage.

The exhibition will continue at the Government Palace until 17 April. The hours are from 09:00 am to 8:00 pm, and through the guidance of specialists from the Ministry of Culture, the presidential office and the Tourism Police.

The sample pieces include ceramics, bones, stones and metal objects with which the population of the Inca empire developed a strong culture on a large territory in South America.

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