Cusco will launch a virtual model of Machu Picchu [English]

By diciembre 10th, 2010

The specialists of the Regional Direction of Culture of Cusco made a record threedimensional virtual scale of the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu with the help of the laser scann in order to have a  virtual millimeter model of the  structure for virtual tours and natural phenomena.
This majestic archaeological site has more than 32 hectares and it is located on 2.438 meters above sea level and have 172 buildings only in the urban area .

The exploration of lithic materials has a 35 percent of advance. It started a year ago on the platform located at the bottom of the town and will culminate in the top, where there are walls with fine finishes. These areas and compartments that will be recorded include the Intihuatana, the three covers, the tower, the temple of the sun and the main temple.

Besides they will use a geodetic GPS who gives coordinates to get the items to the millimeter, a team of digital photogrammetry and aerial images, a total station equipment and experience. Part of the group of experts will survey the Inca Trail, from kilometer 82 to the sanctuary, where there are archaeological sites.
The completion of the project is estimated to end in two years with a budget of six million new soles.
Upon complete the virtual model will be exposed on the Internet to let the world know Machu Picchu virtually.


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