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Qori means gold worked and its Spanish form is cori. Kancha means fence limited by walls. So we have the corresponding name approximately “place limited which has gold”, translating to its literal form. This name hasn’t been changed it keeps without variants since the Inka Time. The first Spanish that arrive to Cusco visited this important place and they found that this name was like it.

If Cusco was the navel of the World, according to the conception Inca, the Qorikancha was the religious center of Cusco, is worth saying, the center of the center, as much in the geographic aspect as in the religious and politic. From here started four of the main treks that lead to the four main parts of the Universe; it was the residence of the Gods and Guacas in the Inka period.

In all the important architectonic centers built for the Incas, it was impossible for the temple of the Sun not to be there, buildings made out of rocks that are well polish just like the temple of the Qoricancha where you can see from the front of the building how well polish all of the rocks are.

This temple was one of the first places the Spaniards had in mind to rob, being that one could find objects made out of gold and silver that were used as offerings to their gods.

It said that the walls had little plates of gold, that were stolen by the Spanish, having so much thirst for gold and silver came in to all the sacred places and took all the decorations and offers it had, places like the Qoricancha and saving just the offerings that were buried in temples that is in the gardens of the centers built to the cult of gods, like Qoricancha.